Saturday, June 28, 2008

Columbia Street Traffic Calming

June 20, 2008 - The planners of the city of New Westminster surely threw away an excellent opportunity to increase green space during the Columbia Street project. The additional acres of cement will slow down the traffic though.

-- Dennis S. Hurd

Association Bylaws

Article 1 - Name and Jurisdiction

  • (a) The name of this association shall be NEW WESTMINSTER

  • (b) Membership shall be open to any person residing in the
    downtown area of New Westminster, including owners in fee simple or strata
    title, renters or leaseholders of residential property.

  • (c) The downtown area shall be the area indicated as area
    "D" on the attached map, bounded on the north by Royal Avenue, on the south
    by the Fraser River, and on the east by McBride Boulevard.

Article 2 - Objectives

The objectives of the Association are:
  • (a) To improve the quality of life in the downtown neighbourhood.

  • (b) To provide a forum for discussion of matters of concern
    to downtown residents, such matters to include but not limited to: crime,
    nuisance behaviour, traffic, noise, and personal safety.

  • (c) To liaise with the city, the police service, the health
    department, and other organizations to achieve our mutual goals of a clean,
    quiet and crime-free neighbourhood.

Article 3 - Membership Meetings

  • (a) Regular membership meetings shall be held four times
    each year at a time and place to be decided by the membership at the previous meeting, or, failing that, at a time and place set the by the Directors.

  • (b) An annual general meeting shall be held once per year
    in September or as shall be otherwise decided by the general membership.

  • (c) A quorum for the transaction of business at any regular
    or annual general meeting shall be 20% of the total paid membership.

  • (d) A majority vote shall be 51% or greater of the membership
    present at a regular or annual general meeting, and shall be indicated by
    a show of hands, or if there is any doubt as to the vote count then a secret
    ballot shall be used to determine the vote count.

  • (e) Board of Directors shall meet one month prior to each
    regular meeting, or as necessary, at the call of the Chair.

  • (f) Membership dues shall be $5.00 per year or as from time
    to time may be decided by a majority vote of the paid membership.

  • (g) Attendance at meetings shall be open to all residents
    of the downtown New Westminster area, invited guests and resource persons.

  • (h) Voting privileges shall be limited to paid members.

Article 4 - Board of Directors

  • (a) The Board of Directors shall consist of six elected
    Directors, or such numbers as shall from time to time be elected by the membership.

  • (b) The Directors shall elect a Chairperson, Communications
    Director, Editor of the newsletter, and such other positions as may be deemed necessary.

Article 5 - Election of Directors

  • (a) Nominations and election of Directors shall take place
    at the annual general meeting.

  • (b) Directors must be paid members of the association and
    must consent to their nomination as a Director.

  • (c) The term of office for all Directors shall be one year
    with the option of standing for election to further one year terms.

Article 6 - Committees

  • (a) Committees as may be from time to time required, shall
    be elected at a regular meeting or, failing that, appointed by the Directors.

  • (b) One Director may be appointed to sit on each committee
    so elected.

Article 7 - Rules of Order

  • (a) Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with basic
    principle of Canadian parliamentary procedures.

  • (b) Should any procedural questions arise, Robert's Rules
    of Order shall apply.

Article 8 - Records

  • (a) A record of paid membership shall be kept and made
    available to the membership at regular meetings.

  • (b) A record of all monies received and amounts paid out
    shall be kept and made available to the membership at regular meetings.

Article 9 - Amendments

  • (a) These by-laws shall not be amended, added to or suspended,
    except by a majority vote of the paid membership.

Article 10

  • (a) A banking account shall be maintained by the Association
    in the name of Downtown Residents Association.

  • (b) Signing officers for the said banking account shall
    be any two of the three Directors so designated by the Board of Directors
    as from time to time shall be deemed necessary.

Submitted to the regular membership meeting for ratification April 29,
1999. Passed by unanimous vote that these by-laws be accepted as the by-laws
of the New Westminster Downtown Residents Association.

Article 10 was approved as an addition to the By-laws of the Association
by a majority of the members present at the September 26, 2002 Annual General

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Upcoming Senior Information Fairs in New Westminster

From: "" <>
To: Residents' Associations
Subject: Senior Information Fairs in New Westminster

I am the Event Planner for a trio of information fairs being held for
seniors in New Westminster. I am writing for a few reasons:
1. To provide you and your organization with details of the upcoming events
in our community (described below my signature)

2. To ask you to help identify seniors in your neighbourhood who might need
transportation or a companion to make it possible for them to attend

3. To ask your members to consider volunteering for the events, possibly to
accompany or drive a senior (or seniors) from your neighbourhood so they can
attend the event. Other event assistance would also be welcomed.

4. To ask you to consider local service providers or businesses that provide
senior-friendly services (delivery, discounts, etc.) who might want to have
a presence at the fair(s).

I greatly appreciate your sharing this information within your organization.
Please email or call with any questions, to volunteer, or to provide names
of people who might need help to attend.

Many thanks for your consideration,

Mariam Larson, IMBY Event Planner
Gerontologist & Consultant

Office tel: 604-524-8627

EVENT NAME: “In My Back Yard” - IMBY Fairs: Connecting Seniors to Services

GOAL: To inform New Westminster seniors about the range of local services
and resources to help improve their lives.


1. Saturday, June 14, 2008 from 10 am – 2 pm at Sapperton Pensioners’ Hall
318 Keary Street, New Westminster (near Royal Columbian Hospital)
2. Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008 from 10 am – 2 pm at Queensborough Community
Centre, 920 Ewen, New Westminster (Queensborough)
3. Saturday, Oct. 18, 2008 from 10 am – 2 pm at Century House
620 – 8th Street, New Westminster (Uptown)

Setup time will be at 9 am and take down to be completed by 3 pm.

ATTENDEES: The active as well as the frail community seniors.
We expect 120 – 150+ attendees at each fair. Some will be accompanied by
If you know a senior in New Westminster who needs assistance to attend, let
me know!

EXHIBITORS: Community and commercial service providers and resource
organizations. We ask them to:
1. Provide a personal presence at the fair (someone to explain services and
answer questions).
2. Clearly present services offered, fees and instructions for how people
can access services.
3. Clearly present service/office locations and contact information.
4. Consider a demonstration and/or offer a take-away item to engage and
educate attendees.

ENTERTAINMENT: There will be games, entertainment and speakers, and food.

EVENT FUNDING: Provided in part by a grant to Seniors Services Society from
UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities). The City of New Westminster is also
supporting these fairs. There is a research component, to develop a
community database of senior resources.

NEXT STEPS: Please email or telephone if interested, or have any questions.
EMAIL: / TEL: 604-524-8627

Monday, June 9, 2008

Board of Directors 2007/2008

Andrew Boyd
  • 604-517-2956
Roslyn Cassells, Homeless Coalition

Steve McClurg, Past-President
  • 604-517-1049

Cotton Rayne
  • 778-891-5696

Miriam Smith, Recording Secretary, Traffic Advisory
  • 604-525-1279

Jonathan Story, Web Site

Doug Whicker

Lila Wood, President, Com. Police, Treasurer
  • 604-520-1152

MINUTES, MAY 28, 2008

New Westminster Downtown Residents Association

Minutes, May 28, 2008

The regular meeting of the New Westminster Downtown Residents Association was held on May 28, 2008 in the Lounge at Holy Trinity Cathedral with approximately 60 persons present. The 6 Directors present were: Andrew Boyd, Steve MClurg, Miriam Smith, Jonathan Story, Doug Whicker, Lila Wood.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Chairperson Lila Wood.

M/S/C: To adopt the Agenda as circulated.

M/S/C: To adopt the minutes and treasurer's report from the March meeting as circulated.


NEIL BARKEY, Manager, New Westminster Quay Public Market.
Neil gave us some insight about the new ownership of the Quay. Currently they are collecting public input of ideas at as well as conducting an assessment of the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems of the 22 year old facility. He answered questions from the floor, mainly concerning paid parking, which he said is essential to cover the costs of the parking lots.

MARK KOPINYA, Salient Group.
Mark made a brief presentation of redevelopment plans for the Trapp Building. The hope is to restore the historical Edwardian façade of the 1902 building as part o the new building. The development will include the low rise buildings on the east and west side of the Trapp Building to provide a total of 176 residential units and 193 parking stalls, to a height of 18 storeys. Salient would like to include a “green awareness” in this project which will feature retail space at street level. Work may start in early 2009.
Project goes to City Council June 23rd.

ROB McCULLOUGH, Assistant Curator/Heritage Programmer, New Westminster Museum and Archives.
Rob spoke on the project “My Neighbourhood, My City”, an effort to gather stories and anecdotes, memories of our collective history. A series of forums held in conjunction with Residents Associations will attempt to achieve this. Ours (the downtown area) will be held Thursday, June 19, from 6 to 9:30 pm at Century House.

Rob also spoke of the possibility of having a new museum as part of the planned facility on Çolumbia Street.

VIVIAN YOUNG, Core Education and Fine Arts Project.
Vivian and Karen, both mothers of young children, spoke on a proposal to create a
Junior kindergarten school at 725 Carnarvon Street, across the street from the former “Mugs and Jugs” site. The group requires a variance to decrease the number of parking spaces so as to increase the play area. The facility would include six class rooms, spaces for 80 to 84 children ages one to four years. Child care facilities in the area currently have long wait lists. Core Education and Fine Arts is the licensed program they will use. They would appreciate our letter of support.

M/S/C That we write City Council a letter of support for this facility.

M/S/C To accept the Treasurer’s Report. $903.29 plus $500 cash portion of the
City grant, $1403.29 on hand. The City grant was $5000 made up of cash $500 and in kind services of $4500.


Various items received from City re Downtown Community plan Task Force. Lila will be
our appointee. Re Downtown Community Plan Ideas Fair to be held May 31 at Douglas College, 9 – 12 pm. Re Clarkson/Carnarvon Streets Area Task Force, meeting to be held in June.


Traffic Advisory - New proposed City parking policies and requirements presented, also explanation of “Traffic Calming” process.

Homelessness Coalition: A one-hour silent vigil to increase awareness of Homelessness, called a “stand” will take place Saturday, June 21st from 1 – 2 pm
at 6th Avenue and 6th Street in front of Royal City Centre.

Community Police Committee: Deputy Chief Mike Judd is off to Afghanistan for a one year period.

8th Annual Community Barbecue, Thursday, July 24, 2008.
Next committee meeting, Wedneday, June 4, 6:30 pm at Genesis House.


All Candidates Meeting – no interest.

Next meeting: Community Barbecue, Thursday, July 24, 2008, 5 to 8 pm at Genesis House and on Merivale and Carnarvon Streets (the streets will be closed to traffic).

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm