Saturday, June 28, 2008

Association Bylaws

Article 1 - Name and Jurisdiction

  • (a) The name of this association shall be NEW WESTMINSTER

  • (b) Membership shall be open to any person residing in the
    downtown area of New Westminster, including owners in fee simple or strata
    title, renters or leaseholders of residential property.

  • (c) The downtown area shall be the area indicated as area
    "D" on the attached map, bounded on the north by Royal Avenue, on the south
    by the Fraser River, and on the east by McBride Boulevard.

Article 2 - Objectives

The objectives of the Association are:
  • (a) To improve the quality of life in the downtown neighbourhood.

  • (b) To provide a forum for discussion of matters of concern
    to downtown residents, such matters to include but not limited to: crime,
    nuisance behaviour, traffic, noise, and personal safety.

  • (c) To liaise with the city, the police service, the health
    department, and other organizations to achieve our mutual goals of a clean,
    quiet and crime-free neighbourhood.

Article 3 - Membership Meetings

  • (a) Regular membership meetings shall be held four times
    each year at a time and place to be decided by the membership at the previous meeting, or, failing that, at a time and place set the by the Directors.

  • (b) An annual general meeting shall be held once per year
    in September or as shall be otherwise decided by the general membership.

  • (c) A quorum for the transaction of business at any regular
    or annual general meeting shall be 20% of the total paid membership.

  • (d) A majority vote shall be 51% or greater of the membership
    present at a regular or annual general meeting, and shall be indicated by
    a show of hands, or if there is any doubt as to the vote count then a secret
    ballot shall be used to determine the vote count.

  • (e) Board of Directors shall meet one month prior to each
    regular meeting, or as necessary, at the call of the Chair.

  • (f) Membership dues shall be $5.00 per year or as from time
    to time may be decided by a majority vote of the paid membership.

  • (g) Attendance at meetings shall be open to all residents
    of the downtown New Westminster area, invited guests and resource persons.

  • (h) Voting privileges shall be limited to paid members.

Article 4 - Board of Directors

  • (a) The Board of Directors shall consist of six elected
    Directors, or such numbers as shall from time to time be elected by the membership.

  • (b) The Directors shall elect a Chairperson, Communications
    Director, Editor of the newsletter, and such other positions as may be deemed necessary.

Article 5 - Election of Directors

  • (a) Nominations and election of Directors shall take place
    at the annual general meeting.

  • (b) Directors must be paid members of the association and
    must consent to their nomination as a Director.

  • (c) The term of office for all Directors shall be one year
    with the option of standing for election to further one year terms.

Article 6 - Committees

  • (a) Committees as may be from time to time required, shall
    be elected at a regular meeting or, failing that, appointed by the Directors.

  • (b) One Director may be appointed to sit on each committee
    so elected.

Article 7 - Rules of Order

  • (a) Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with basic
    principle of Canadian parliamentary procedures.

  • (b) Should any procedural questions arise, Robert's Rules
    of Order shall apply.

Article 8 - Records

  • (a) A record of paid membership shall be kept and made
    available to the membership at regular meetings.

  • (b) A record of all monies received and amounts paid out
    shall be kept and made available to the membership at regular meetings.

Article 9 - Amendments

  • (a) These by-laws shall not be amended, added to or suspended,
    except by a majority vote of the paid membership.

Article 10

  • (a) A banking account shall be maintained by the Association
    in the name of Downtown Residents Association.

  • (b) Signing officers for the said banking account shall
    be any two of the three Directors so designated by the Board of Directors
    as from time to time shall be deemed necessary.

Submitted to the regular membership meeting for ratification April 29,
1999. Passed by unanimous vote that these by-laws be accepted as the by-laws
of the New Westminster Downtown Residents Association.

Article 10 was approved as an addition to the By-laws of the Association
by a majority of the members present at the September 26, 2002 Annual General