Friday, July 18, 2008

Graffitti at Agnes and 10th

Just informing you of graffiti located on the south east corner of the electrical substation located at Agnes Street and 10th Avenue. The presence of graffiti that is not removed within 48 Hours is known to cause an increase in the amount of crime to the areas affected. There is also Graffiti located on the Skytrain support pole in the center of Columbia Street at Tenth Avenue behind the left turn signal onto 10th heading east on Columbia. This graffiti is small but has been there for years. The area near the buildings I help to manage has been the focus of a neighborhood cleanup that should include this graffiti removal. I appreciate you taking the time to help with the association and hope that you will forward this info to the appropriate persons.

Thank you,

David Pride

Secretary, Treasurer
LMS 729 Westminster Towers

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