Friday, August 1, 2008

New Community Electronic Message Centre

Dear Community Group,

New Westminster Parks and Recreation is preparing to upgrade the manual Read-a-Board sign, located at McBride Boulevard and Sixth Avenue, with a new community electronic message centre.

The existing Read-a-Board, now 27 years old, has reached the end of its useable lifespan and no longer meets City or community messaging needs. The removal of the existing Read-a-Board sign is scheduled for September.

The new community electronic message centre, placed in approximately the same location, will be more aesthetically pleasing, have contemporary message capabilities and is scheduled for activation in November 2008. In order to rehabilitate the landscaping, due to the removal of the old sign, and prepare the site for the new sign, there will be approximately six weeks where no community signage is available.

The new community electronic message centre will be managed by the Parks and Recreation Department and serve New Westminster's community messaging needs as defined by policies and procedures that are in development. Messaging opportunities will be available to:
  • The City of New Westminster
  • New Westminster Arts & Culture Organizations
  • New Westminster Minor Sports Organizations
  • New Westminster Community & Non-Profit Organizations
The new electronic message centre will be capable of meeting all community messaging needs by means of text, images, logos and video. Information on the signs policies, procedures and how to submit message requests will be distributed this fall. Questions regarding the community electronic message centre can be directed to or by calling the undersigned, 604-527-4630.

Thank you.

Jason Haight
Manager of Business Operations
New Westminster Parks and Recreation

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