Thursday, September 4, 2008

BBQ Debrief/Directors' Meeting Summary

Summary of the meeting that took place on Wednesday evening, September 3:

At the BBQ debriefing meeting, everyone agreed that the barbecue went well. Guests all seemed to be happy, and with the City doing the catering there was no panic over set up, take down, etc. The same was true with the rental tables and chairs. One change suggested was to have a different clown, possibly a woman. We are still within budget and have a small residual amount of grant money in the city account. In our own account we have enough to pay Genesis Society for some of their expenses and to pay our "rent" at Holy Trinity.

The Directors meeting was brief. For our next meeting we expect various candidates for city office to drop in to meet and greet -- no speeches. Glynis Lee will put up a small display of new magazines she will be handling, lots of sports, hobbies, etc. that are hard to find -- again, no speech, just set up a display. We also were checking to see who would be available for election to Directors positions. Those expressing interest included Steve, Miriam, Andrew, Barbara, Lila, and possibly Doug. Our by-laws call for not less than six, not more than eleven, Directors.

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