Thursday, November 6, 2008

Local Candidates Respond to Survey on Sustainability Issues in New Westminster

Media Release

November 6, 2008

New Westminster Environmental Partners (NWEP), a local environmental organization, has completed a detailed survey for the mayoral and city councillor candidates for the upcoming municipal election in New Westminster. The survey focussed on questions in four areas which will have a profound impact on the current and future livability of the City. Well-conceived decisions in these areas can have a significant influence on the ability to develop a sustainable City and a City which is a role model for our region. The survey invited the candidates to share their vision and ideas on key issues affecting the City and it queried their support for some specific ideas which are of interest to NWEP members.

This survey aims to promote a discussion amongst the candidates and the public in four areas:

1. Land Use and Amenities
How can development be managed in the City while creating a better place for existing and future residents?

2. The Environment
How can environmental stewardship be fostered within the City, and what is the City’s role in the region, and the world?

3. Transportation
As the hub of the region, what kind of transportation solutions can work for the City and region and can the City be a leader in promoting these solutions?

4. Social Issues
Can the City be more inclusive for all its residents?

“These are important issues in New Westminster that have significant connections with the sustainability and livability of the City”, says Beth Rogers, a spokesperson for NWEP. The comments, opinions and responses of the candidates are posted on the NWEP website at and will be available for the remainder of the 2008 election campaign.

New Westminster Environmental Partners (NWEP) is a non-partisan group of close to 150 concerned citizens who believe in thinking globally and acting locally. Through the identification of issues, education, public advocacy, and best practices they hope to to promote environmental,
social and economic sustainability in New Westminster. They work with residents, businesses and government agencies in New Westminster and have worked with past Councils to implement an anti-idling bylaw, improve transit-user safety at the New Westminster Skytrain station, and
are currently working on a pesticide bylaw.

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