Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Minutes of September 24, 2008 Regular Meeting

November 26, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 7:12 pm in the Lounge of the Parish Hall of Holy Trinity Cathedral with 14 persons in attendance.

Chairperson: Lila Wood, Recorder: Miriam Smith.
Directors present: Judy Ross, Miriam Smith, Jonathan Story, Lila Wood.

M/S/C To approve the Agenda, Minutes and Treasurers Report as circulated.

Guest Speaker: Acting Mayor Bill Harper, New Westminster City Council member.

Mr. Harper reported on the outcomes of the Open House workshop and the Design Charette held in September in regard to the Downtown Community Plan. He then went over the new council’s vision for the proposed changes and improvements that will affect the downtown area. We all want to maintain a liveable, walkable city and to promote sustainable development. We have to deal with ongoing issues of homelessness, lack of child care facilities and an aging infrastructure. The city has no reserve fund for amenities. Development cost charge money will go for this purpose.

Harper fielded questions and concerns from the audience regarding a variety of issues including homelessness, new and ongoing development, Westminster Quay Market, etc.

Guest Speaker: Sue MacPhail, Canadian Cancer Society.

Sue spoke regarding the use of cosmetic or non-essential pesticides,
herbicides and fungicides and their harmful side effects on children, pets and farmers. They are also harmful to bees, frogs and fish, and can contaminate drinking water. Some stores, including Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Rona are removing these products from their shelves. We should work to eliminate their usage, particularly those that contain 24D.

At this point we decided to draft a motion:
M/S/C “Therefore be it resolved that the New Westminster Downtown Residents Association support the passing of a cosmetic pesticide by-law by the City Council of New Westminster”

Committee Reports

Homelessness Coalition
A one-hour “Stand” for Homelessness will be held November 29th at a location to be announced. Next meeting of the coalition will be 9:00 am in Holy Trinity Parish Hall. Homeless and “one pay cheque from homeless” are increasing rapidly.

Traffic Advisory Committee
New bolder and wider pedestrian crosswalks have been painted at the 4th and Carnarvon intersection. Committee next meets tomorrow.

Community Policing Committee
Complaint received regarding pedestrian safety in the construction zones at 10th Street and Carnarvon discussed and passed on to Traffic Advisory Committee.
Notice of scam regarding persons posng as fire extinguisher repair persons in order to gain entrance to premises was discussed.

Unfinished Business: None.

Next General Meeting
January 28, 2009, 7:00 pm in the Lounge of the Parish Hall at Holy Trinity Cathedral.

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