Thursday, April 16, 2009

Minutes of March 25, 2009 Meeting

Regular Meeting March 25, 2009

  • Andrew Boyd
  • Miriam Smith

Call to Order
7:05 pm in Lounge of the Parish Hall, Holy Trinity Cathedral, with 10 people in attendance.

Directors Present:
  • Andrew Boyd
  • Barb Elliott
  • Judy Ross
  • Miriam Smith
  • Jonathan Story
  • Lila Wood

Guest: Eric Westerberg, City Planner, City of New Westminster

Guest Speaker: Jayne Petula, Film Coordinator, City of New Westminster

Petula gave a short presentation and fielded audience questions regarding the film industry and film shooting in the downtown area.

Guest Speaker: Travis Johnson, Vancouver Circus School.

Johnson gave a lively presentation on the second location of the Circus School at the River Market at Westminster Quay. Currently on a short- term lease at the Market, the Circus School offers a variety of classes; i.e.,
trampoline, juggling, swinging trapeze, open to all ages. The public is encouraged to come for a “look-see” on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 – 9 pm. Johnson is hoping to secure a long-term lease once an anchor tenant is secured at the Market.

Guest Speaker: Reena Meijer- Drees, on electoral reform and STV.

Meijer-Drees spoke on the Single Transferable Vote and the structure and mechanics of it. The STV will come up as a referendum question in the May 12 provincial election. Meijer-Drees explained that with the STV the number of MP’s won’t change though it could mean a minority or coalition government. With STV, votes won’t be wasted. If passed in the May election perhaps the STV will be enacted in the next provincial election in 2013. A lively question and answer period followed the presentation.

Committee Reports

Homelessness Coalition
Updates on the College Place Hotel, the Garfield Hotel and the Maria Keary cottages. A possible drop-in centre for the homeless is being looked into.
A “Grand March for Housing” is taking place on Saturday, April 4, meeting at Main Street Skytrain Station at noon for a further walk to V.C.C.

Traffic Advisory Committee
Updates on the Queensborough Bridge Project and a presentation by the South Coast BC Transportation Authority Policy Service.

Community Policing
No report.

New Westminster Environmental Partnership
Represented by Barb Elliott. We are all encouraged to participate in EARTH HOUR – March 28, 2009, from 8:30 to 9:30 pm.

Barbecue Committee Report
No news on our grant request. Call for more volunteers. Date has been changed from July 23, 2009 to July30, 2009 to coordinate with the holiday weekend. Updated on planning procedures so far

Farmers Market Report
Most of the original vendors will return. Markets will run Thursdays from June 25 through to Thursday, October 8.

New Business
Discussion on need for public washrooms in the downtown area. Perhaps Hyack Square?

Next Meeting
May 27, 2009.


9:10 pm.

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