Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Commentary: School at St. Mary's Site

(The following was emailed to the New Westminster School District in support of an elementary school being built on the old St. Mary's Hospital site.)

I am a downtown New Westminster resident. I have lived in New West for 7 years. I have, by choice driven my daughter to Connaught Heights school for her primary and intermediate schooling. I found the school to be a lovely little corner of the community, and I hope that the school will remain open as a community centre, pre-school etc... That being said, the neighbourhood is small, and I understand the need to re-allocate resources.

I want to register my support for the elementary school at the St Mary's site. I think it is a tremendous solution. The land is not in use, there will be no park land destroyed in order to accommodate the school. It will also give a much needed elementary school for all the babies and toddlers I see about our neighbourhood. The downtown core is growing at a tremendous rate, several new buildings going up on Columbia @ New West Skytrain, and plans for another at Columbia at 4th. Downtown is a lovely but largely misunderstood area of New West, please, let's continue to make the downtown core a neighbourhood desirable to families.

Trista H.

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