Thursday, July 2, 2009

Call for support for Riverside Raceway RC car track

We are a remote control car club that resides in New Westminster at 420 Wood street. We use this location in New Westminster for the past four years. We are a family oriented place for members, guests and spectators to come and enjoy the hobby of remote control off-road car racing. It has been a great place for kids,teenagers,adults and families to come out and spend constructive time. It gives a lot of youth chances to interact with others and build confidence. We raise all our own funding through our members and club racing.

We have started a petition to show the support of a facility like ours and the no cost to the city good it does in the community. We also have a lot of surrounding areas come to use the facility. We do generate some income for New Westminster by having members and visitors purchase food, supplies, building materials and use hotels for out of town racers on big events.

If you would like to help us show support for the track please visit the link below and let others know about it.

Thanks for your time
Derek Johnson

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