Friday, October 2, 2009

Minutes of September 23 AGM

Parish Hall, Holy Trinity Cathedral, 7:00 pm

Call to Order: 7:15 pm

Approval of Agenda and Minutes: M/S/C

Roll call of Directors
Andrew Boyd
Judy Ross, Farmers’ Market
Miriam Smith, Recording Secretary, Traffic Advisory Committee
Jonathan Story, Web Site
Lila Wood, Chairperson, Community Policing Representative

Chairperson’s Report

Lila reflected on a busy year - many celebrations for the 150th a anniversary of New Westminster as well as the completion of Hyack Square and the ongoing renovations being done at the River Market. We look forward to a new park at Westminster Pier as well as a new elementary school at the old St. Mary’s Hospital site. Our 9th Annual Community Barbecue and Street Festival was another summer success – held on a really hot July day. Thanks to all: the City; Parks, Culture and Recreation Department; Jim Luu and the Catering Department; Genesis House staff and residents; and to all the volunteers – well done!

Guest Speaker: Mayor Wayne Wright, City of New Westminster

Mayor Wright spoke on all the ”Happenings” in the downtown area – Plaza 88, Hyack Square, River Market, Westminster Pier and the school scheduled to be built on the St. Mary’s site.

The question of the future of The Burr Theatre was brought up. What will happen? Will the City take this on? The possibility oof the Massey Theatre closing may make the viability of The Burr even more attractive.

The Royal City Star casino boat remains unsold with no interested buyers. The Larco site has remained undeveloped – what will happen there? The face of the downtown will continue to change. After the Mayor spoke a lively “Q & A” period followed.

Election of Directors for 2009-2010

Mayor Wright officiating, the current Directors present and Barbara Elliott, who had expressed her wish to remain a Director, were elected by acclamation. Directors for 2009-2010 are:
  • Andrew Boyd
  • Barbara Elliott
  • Judy Ross
  • Miriam Smith
  • Jonathan Story
  • Lila Wood

Officers will be chosen at the Directors meeting on November 4th, 2009.

Committee Reports

Royal City Farmers’ Market
Judy Ross reported a successful year with a good relationship building between the vendors and the byers.

Traffic Advisory Committee
Miriam Smith, no meeting, no report. First meeting of the season September 24, 2009

Homelessness Coalition
Homelessness Awareness week – October 12 to 17.

Community Policing Committee
Lila Wood reporting. The last meeting dealt with the Queens Park area and trouble with youth in the park at night drinking, nuisance behaviour, damage to cars, and noise. The Parks crew have cut back trees and bushes around the nuisance areas, allowing more light and visibility. This appears to have lessened the problem. The police have also been talking to the
parents to get their cooperation in controlling the problem activities.

New Business

City Budget surveys on line and some copies available for those not on email. The City wants our opinions on the priority items for City spending.

“Artists on the River”, at New Westminster River Market and Boardwalk, September 26 and 27.

“Monday Night at the Movies” series begins at the Massey Theatre on
Monday, September 28th.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, November 25, 2009, 7:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned 9:15 pm

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