Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Minutes, January 26, 2011 Meeting

CALL TO ORDER: Chair Lila Wood called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

ROLL CALL OF DIRECTORS: Present: Andrew Boyd, Paul Goodrick, Judy
Ross, Miriam Smith, Jonathan Story, Lila Wood.

ATTENDANCE: 26 persons, including Directors and guests.



JULIE RAMIREZ, River Market: Julie gave a brief update on the new tenants at the Market – The Vancouver Raw Food School and the Great Wall Tea Company, and the Grand Wednesday morning programs of tea for seniors and a 5% discount at Donald’s Market and free parking. The Raw Food School will be doing a demonstration and offering free samples.

BEV GREEN, Planning Department Manager, City of New Westminster, and Joannne Edey-Nicoll, Assistant Director of Parks, Culture and Recreation, presented the plans for the Civic Facility to be built on Columbia Street between 8th Street and Begbie Street. The proposed facility will include office space, as well as Arts and Museum space, a conference hall, theatre, underground parking and, at street level, a restaurant and retail space. A stipulation of the 35 million dollars in DAC funding is a completion date of December, 2013. Currently, “due diligence” is being done to the proposal and a public rezoning hearing will be held at City Hall on February 21, 2011. The floor was then opened for a question and answer period.

VEN. JOHN BAILEY, Rector of Holy trinity Cathedral, updated us on the plans for redevelopment of the Parish Hall site to include a possible 20-storey tower with profit/non profit housing as well as hall, offices, kitchen and parish spaces, with underground parking. A ground–level plaza and open space as well as improved access to the Skytrain station are also in the plans. Holy Trinity has hired a consulting firm to work through the issues with the Diocese of New Westminster, BC Housing, and the City of New Westminster. We will be kept advised as the project develops. Rev. Bailey requested a letter of support from the Downtown Residents Association. The floor was opened for a question and answer session.

M/S/C: That we write a letter to the City in support of this project to rebuild the Holy Trinity Parish Hall.


Due to time constraints, Committee reports and correspondence were referred to the Directors for attention.


The Downtown Community Barbecue and Street Festival was discussed and the many problems considered, including financing – our City grant has been cut back severely; site – ten years ago we could accommodate our 50 guests very easily, in 2010 400 guests were beyond the comfort level, with long line-ups for food, over-crowded house tours, and guests at the outside edges of our site could not see or hear the entertainers or speakers. It was agreed that there would be no Barbecue in 2011. We will bring new ideas to our March meeting for a bigger and bolder event or a smaller and simpler event. Do we need a larger location, or limit the number of tickets sold, or increase the price? Are there new sources of revenue? Can we partner with the Quayside group and/or the BIA?


Next meeting March 23, 2011.

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