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New Westminster Envision 2032 Initial Descriptions of Success Feedback

On April 30, 2012, Council supported the development of an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) to establish a sustainability-based decision-making framework for the City.  Envision 2032 is the name of this plan and process. On July 9th, 2012 Council endorsed the detailed process and timeline for the creation of the Envision 2032, including a Sustainability Fair, to initiate the process and establish an initial vision for each of the 11 Policy Areas to be covered by the plan.
The first step in Envision 2032's community engagement was to confirm the definition of sustainability and the sustainability principles that guide the process. This was followed by a confirmation all of the Policy Areas that should be addressed and the scope of these Policy Areas. Once this was done, an initial vision was to be created for each Policy Area using input from the community, expressed as “Descriptions of Success.” This was the main objective of the Sustainability Fair visioning workshop and online visioning survey.
At the heart of the plan will be a set of future vision statements for each of the 11 defined Policy Areas, called “Descriptions of Success,” which guide sustainability-based decision making and clearly state what the City will be working towards by 2032. 

An initial set of these statements has been prepared for discussion purposes using input from a visioning workshop, held as part of Envision 2032 Sustainability Fair events on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 at the Inn at the Quay, and from an online visioning survey conducted from November 5th to the 30th.  The Sustainability Fair also featured an inspirational evening event on Friday, November 2nd, which included an additional exercise that asked participants to describe what a sustainable City would look like in 2022, 2032 and 2042.
Once the initial set of Descriptions of Success has been reviewed by the community, they will be updated with feedback from the review and presented to Council for consideration and adoption as the foundation for Envision 2032.
Did we get it right? The feedback from the visioning exercises survey are now in (click here for raw data) and it's now your turn to provide the City with feedback on the Descriptions of Success! Click the link below to participate:

Description of Success Feedback

A paper copy is also available at City Hall on request.
The survey is comprehensive, so feel free to provide input on
every policy area, or just those areas that interest you.

The survey closes March 15, 2013.
Thanks for participating!

Julia Dykstra  |  Envision 2032 Process Coordinator

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