Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hi Everyone:

The DTRA is holding an All-Candidates debate  on Oct 30th (7:00pm at the Holy Trinity Church on Carnarvon) and we would like to have your input on the questions we pose to the candidates. Please let us know what issues or concerns you have for the Downtown and for the City at large. However, we don't just want to focus on the negative, so please also let us know what your vision/goals/objectives are for the future of this community. 
Your opinions are important to the Board as we hope that the Residents Association can truly represent the community's point of view.

Please don't hesitate to provide detailed responses as this will help us better understand your specific thoughts. 
Some food for thought: In addition to your own concerns, please ask yourself, what would those who founded the City have envisioned for its future and are we accomplishing these goals? 
Please let us know if you are attending.
NWRDA Board 

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