Monday, March 6, 2017

Traffic Committee

Action requested:  Please send any ideas for a Downtown Neighbourhood Transportation Plan, such as traffic calming measures, to before April 13th, 2017.

Here is a link to the recently started Sapperton Neighbourhood transportation plan consultation Phase 1 to stimulate your thinking about what is needed in Downtown New Westminster.  
        Sapperton Neighbourhood Transportation plan consultation Phase 1

Here is New Westminster Traffic Calming policy

NWDRA Traffic Committee members are Allison Taylor McBryde, David Moulton, Roland Guasparini. 

Roland is the NWDRA representative on the New Westminster City Council Neighbourhood Traffic Advisory Committee (NTAC) having just replaced Allison who served for several years.  

The NTAC mtg on April 13 will have discussion about a Downtown Neighbourhood transportation plan

The May 3 meeting of the NWDRA will have someone from the City Traffic staff to discuss a Downtown Neighbourhood transportation plan. 

Roland is also a new member of the New Westminster City Council Advisory Committee for Transit, Bicycles and Pedestrians (ACTBiPed) which Allison had also served on for several years. 

Allison and Roland spoke to the Mar 1, 2017 NWDRA mtg. about these two committees as part of the NWDRA Traffic Committee report. 

Here is link to the two City committees mentioned above NTAC and ACTBiPed where you can access the meeting minutes and Terms of Reference. . NTAC, ADTBiPed Minutes, Terms of reference

Both these Committees are also open to the public for observation, but only the appointed members can vote.    


SeeClickFix   App   for smartphone allows you to take picture of pothole, something broken, etc and send directly to New West City  Hall

Transportation Action Request online  at New Westminster City Hall website:

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